THEY are not called man’s best friend for nothing – many of our best-loved breeds of dog were traditionally developed to help us go hunting.


Labrador retrievers gathered game in the field, cocker spaniels flushed and retrieved game, and pointers and setters ranged over the fields, helping seek out birds and rabbits for the table.


Gundog training harnesses a dog’s natural instincts, and builds a strong bond between dog and owner.


All dogs benefit from training. But unlike many pet dog training classes, gundog training teaches you how to control and enjoy your dog outdoors and at a distance.


Gundogs are often large and powerful, with strong hunting instincts.


Many new dog owners struggle with their pet’s behaviour, and most need help. Gundog training prevents boredom and develops mental and physical fitness. It enables you to work with your dog’s instincts, not against them. And, most importantly, it is great fun.


I have competed in working tests with his gundogs and placed eight out of 100 competitors. My aim is to compete in field trial tests.


“Most of the problems so many people experience with their dogs as they become bigger and livelier are completely avoidable if correct gundog training is started from the beginning.”


It has been my passion for dogs which opened the doors based on a professional approach to training and grooming dogs.


“Many of us have experienced a breakdown of the relationship of dog and owner, purely due to lack of knowledge and how to obtain control. We are here to help rebuild your relationship with your best friend”

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