Puppy Classes

Let’s face it, who doesn’t love puppies! Cute, often furry bundles of happiness charging around finding everything in life interesting and amazing. Whilst this is cute as a puppy these are not traits you want in an adult dog, so the solution? Puppy classes at Simbo’s gundogs and grooming.


Training classes teach your puppy basic commands such as sit, stay and walk to heel, all whilst surrounded by other bundles of excitement helping you to learn in a simulated real world environment whilst maintaining control of the puppy at all times.


The other benefits of puppy classes are:


Socialisation with other dogs at a young age which helps build your puppies confidence which reduces the risk of dog on dog aggression or even fear aggression which can come from bad experiences or a lack of socialisation at the key stages of the dogs development.


Building that strong bond with your puppy in a fun environment as it develops helping you to understand your dog better as he or she matures whilst maintaining your role as “Pack Leader” meaning in a happy and obedient dog.


Junior Classes


Once your puppy has grasped the basics of training, (Sit, Stay, walking to heel) you can progress to Junior classes where you can moved on to more advanced training techniques, not only does this further the bond with your dog but also gives your dog much needed mental stimulation. Not all dogs are good at everything and here at Simbos, we tailor the traning around your dog ensuring there are no negative moments with your dog, ensuring a happy dog and a happy owner. It would be at this stage you might like to think about going down thr Gundog traning route, this is the perfect age to introduce those disciplines now your dogs attention span has increased and is now more active.

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